The best gaming chairs on the market: a complete guide of 2021

If you spend many hours in front of a PC monitor or a console, you necessarily require a chair that is designed for that purpose. You can choose to sit on a sofa, in a dining chair, but if you want to feel really comfortable, you must buy a chair that suits you, in this guide, we will mention which are the best gaming chairs.

If you are thinking about how to improve the experience of your gaming sessions, choosing a comfortable chair is essential. A perfect gaming chair with an ergonomic design, it adapts to your posture and will improve both your physical well-being and your immersion in the game. Gaming chairs are comfortable and sturdy, designed for gamers like you.

What to look for in a gaming chair?

Basically, you are looking at a chair, but if you look a little more, you will notice the different functional and stylistic characteristics that distinguish a gaming chair from another model. These include:

  • Padded areas of the armrests.
  • Lower lumbar support .
  • Neck support.
  • Backrest angle of inclination.
  • Other chairs have specific characteristics of the own brand.

The ones listed below are some of the main gaming chairs on the market, we will tell you their characteristics and technologies to provide you with comfort and a good experience in your gaming sessions.

Types of gaming chairs

When you think of a gaming chair, it is generally the design that comes to mind, but in those chairs, you cannot miss the body supports such as the ergonomic seats, the removable lumbar support cushions, and the adjustable armrests for greater comfort and control the posture.

Today, office and gaming chairs are available in all kinds of styles, designs, and colors, and you have plenty of options to choose from. Some have high prices, but there is a reason, they perform better and are made of high-quality materials.

Below, we list the main types of gaming chairs and, since there is a lot of competition between manufacturers, it is not difficult to find products with high-quality standards at increasingly affordable prices.

  • Puff style
  • Racing style
  • Office Style
  • Rocking chair style
  • Chair with pedestal
  • Game Station

What are the best gaming chairs of 2021?

In this guide, you will find all the information about the best gaming chairs, from comfort to support for your posture. Everything you need to know about them, how to choose them and why you should buy one.

Racing style

Vertagear S-Line SL5000

Vertagear S-Line SL5000

The Vertager SL5000 gaming chair has many color combinations and adjustable functions to allow you to play for long hours. It has a great design and is very easy to assemble. They spent a lot of time on the overall quality and details like the stitching.

Unlike some of the cheaper chairs, it has a lifetime warranty steel frame and high-density foam that will hold its shape for a long time. The armrests are adjustable at the top, bottom, left, right, and side to find the perfect fit.

It can adapt to any degree of inclination between 90 and 170 ° and is lined with high-quality PVC leather that resists stains and water as long as it is quickly cleaned. The steel structure also allows it to support up to 150 kg of weight. Vertagear S-Line 5000 Gaming Chair, Leather

DXRacer Racing Pro R131-NB

DXRacer Racing Pro R131-NB

The DXRacer Pro R131-NB is undoubtedly one of the best gaming chairs on the market for streamers and gamers, this product deserves second place as the best racing chair. A name everyone knows and an indistinguishable style makes DXRacer a great choice if you’re streaming on Twitch or YouTube and for those who love games.

The DXRacer looks more like a race car seat, and while it looks a bit more minimalist than the Vertagear, it does look much riskier. If you watch a lot of broadcasts on Twitch, you will also notice that the DXRacer is one of the most common chairs among streamers.

DXRacer has definitely built a brand that is synonymous with quality. One of the main differences between the high-end models and the cheaper models is the number of adjustments that can be made and this chair is no different. DXRacer (the Original) Racing Pro R131 Saddle

Best Racing gaming chairs for less than € 100

SONGMICS Poltrona Gaming

This gaming and office chair combines utility and comfort. This Songmics Poltrona Gaming is adjustable and helps maintain a correct posture, essential for anyone sitting in front of a computer for several hours. The design is ergonomic and practical.

  • High-quality: The upholstery is synthetic leather, easy to clean; The seat is padded with high-density sponge with good elasticity, and a good thing is that it will not deform with prolonged use.
  • Ergonomic design: The curvature of the backrest conforms to the body, the total height is 111-121 cm, the height of the backrest is 71 cm (it is more suitable for people up to 175 cm tall), the seat height is 45-55 cm with 360 ° rotation.
  • Sturdy wheels: The wheels are suitable for hard floors.

SONGMICS OBG56L Racing – Office Desk Chair

IntimaTe WM Heart

IntimaTe WM Heart

The Intimate WM Heart Gaming Chair is equipped with comfortable leather, polyurethane upholstery, and very thick padding to allow the user to sit in maximum comfort and keep the elbows relaxed thanks to the armrests, which are also padded.

Thanks to its ergonomic shape and height adjustments it is possible to protect the spine while the upper pad ensures the protection of the cervical vertebra. The IntimaTe WM Heart gaming chair allows you to lie down in comfort and comfort.

It is easy to transport, in addition, thanks to the base with five wheels that make it rotate 360 ° without a problem and you can move it without difficulty.

Best Racing gaming chairs for less than € 200



The SKILLER SGS2 gaming chair is a new model in the Sharkoon range of chairs. This gaming chair is equipped with a breathable fabric cover, which encloses the 83 cm high foam padded backrest and a large 39.5 x 50 cm seat.

The chair is designed in black with different shades of color, including red, blue, green, and gray. Seat height is always important to the overall posture of the back, which is why this chair is equipped with a class 4 gas piston so that people of various statures can find their ideal fit.

The total weight of the chair is 20.8 kg and it can support 120 kg, it has five 60 mm wheels that support it. The price is very competitive compared to other chairs in the same range such as Vertagear, AKRacing, and other competitors.



The TAURUS E1 Gaming Chair is made of high-quality materials. This model, with an exclusive design and details in pure “racing” style, is covered in perforated polyurethane synthetic leather for better breathability.

It is equipped with two cushions, one for the head and one for the back, which allows the backrest to be reclined, the height and armrests adjusted (in angle and height) and it can also rotate 360 °. Finally, it comes in different color combinations. We can confidently tell you that this chair is comfortable, robust, and stylish too.

Racing gaming chairs for less than € 400



The Sharkoon SKILLER SGS4 has been launched with a black design. However, it is also available in versions with color accents in red, green,  blue, and a black and white version. The supplied head and lumbar cushions match the color accents of the seats.

Thanks to the extension of the cushion and the seatback, it is possible to offer greater comfort than previous models. The required stability was achieved thanks to the improved structure of the steel frame with a diameter of 22 mm. The cushions can be easily attached and support the neck and spine during long gaming sessions.
Sharkoon SKILLER SGS4 – XXL Gaming Chair, Leather

AKRACING Arctica Premium

AKRACING Arctica Premium

Arctica is the first white gaming chair from AKRacing, a leading brand in design and quality. With its futuristic design, it stands out as a unique and daring gaming chair. Arctica has a new and improved armrest combined with the same ergonomic design that AKRacing is known for.

It features high-quality ergonomics for professional gamers, eSports, or even the office. It is reclining up to 180º. Whether you are playing, working, or taking a nap, the AKRacing Arctica chair has the perfect angle for all your needs.

The ergonomic curve naturally follows the lumbar curve of the back, plus the included headrest and lumbar cushions allow for better rest. The chair is sturdy, reliable, and supports a weight of up to 150 kg, plus it is equipped with a class 4 gas lift. AKRacing chairs have a 10-year warranty.

The best office style gaming chairs

Noblechairs EPIC

noblechairs EPIC

Noblechairs divides the production of its chairs into two lines, the EPIC series and the ICON series, with a difference in the design and also in the qualities of some components and mechanisms. In addition, within each series, we will have different colors, finishes, and materials.

The design of the EPIC noble chairs is based on racing car seats, with aggressive shapes and prominent shapes that wrap you around to anchor you to the chair. It includes adjustable armrests, a pillow for the lumbar area, and another for the cervical area, in both cases with velvet upholstery that makes them very pleasant to the touch.

Undoubtedly, EPIC by Noblechairs is a model that will make gamers feel very comfortable, with an aggressive design, but without sacrificing a high-quality structure and finishes.
Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair – Chair

Nitro Concepts E220 Evo

Nitro Concepts E220 Evo

The Nitro Concepts E220 Evo is a sport-inspired office chair and combines a racing look that offers great comfort. Nitro Concepts uses unprecedented hybrid coverage. Made of black polyurethane synthetic leather on the side panels and black fabric on the seat.

The Nitro Concept office-style gaming chair has good ergonomics for both those who play games and those who work on the PC. It maintains the body optimally and at the same time adapts to its shape in different positions. The steel frame is extremely robust, so you can sit down with confidence. Nitro Concepts E250 Gaming Chair

Ikea Markus

Ikea Markus

The IKEA Markus office chair has a minimalist style with very comfortable padding. The chair is very economical in relation to the quality of the materials used. The seat and headrest are made of genuine leather, while the base is made of extremely robust and resistant metal.

In addition, your back would appreciate this chair, thanks to the built-in lumbar support, which follows the natural curvature of the body, in the lumbar area of the spine. The IKEA Markus brand is recommended, however, there is only one thing you should know before buying, the backrest is not very high and your head may not reach the headrest. Markus Swivel Office Chair, Black

Best rocking style chairs for console gaming

Zora Walter

Zora Walter

This gaming chair is made of high-quality synthetic leather, easy to clean, with soft and elastic padding that provides exceptional comfort. It has a breathable mesh so that you are comfortable temperature in the chair.

The integrated music playback system with 2D / 3D digital speakers on the shoulders and rear left side lets you listen to your music. The USB cable and the head cable are neatly stored in the small pocket on the left side of the chair.

X-Rocker Genesis

X-Rocker Genesis

The gaming chair for X-Rocker Genesis consoles is officially licensed for PlayStation systems. Features include:

  • Headrest Mounted 2.1 Wireless Audio System
  • Pedestal mount for convenience
  • Bluetooth connectivity for tablets and phones, an elegant style inspired by Racing.
  • Easy wireless connectivity with the included wireless DAC transmitter.
  • Compatible with PS4, PS43, PS Vita and others.

X-Rocker Genesis Official Licensed PlayStation

X-Rocker Legend 2.1

X-Rocker Legend 2.1

The X-Rocker Legend 2.1 is an officially licensed gaming chair for PlayStation gaming systems. Featuring a headrest-mounted 2.1 audio system, triple-motor vibration, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, finished in an incredibly stylish blue and black padding for those long gaming sessions.

  • Headrest Mounted 2.1 Audio System
  • Back-mounted subwoofer for immersive audio
  • Vibration motors
  • Wireless audio with included DAC transmitter.
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Pedestal
  • Padded armrests
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Dimensions: 62x81x104cm

X Rocker Legend 2.1-Silla Gaming, Color Negro

The best alternative gaming chairs

Bean Bag Bazaar

Bean Bag Bazaar

The Bean Bag Bazaar is an armchair for gamers that could not be missing to complete the list. In many cases, they are an element that many already have at home, and are often used for children’s bedrooms.

Of course, they are not recommended for computer games, but in general, they are a comfortable option to sit in front of the console. It does not have all the accessories that other chairs offer, but due to its ergonomics, it adapts to the position of the body. Bean Bag Bazaar Pouf for Video Games for Children

WALNUT Sillon plegable gaming

WALNUT Sillon plegable gaming
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: Soft cotton and flannel blend, filled with a flexible sponge to adapt to your body, thus providing maximum comfort for sitting and lying down, perfect fit.
  • Back Support: Provide back support while sitting on the floor. Very easy to store. The space-saving design, only 13cm thick when folded, can be stored vertically in a small space.
  • Adjustable: From sitting to lying down, from lying down to sleeping, the change takes only 2 seconds, change the angle of the chair back as needed to make you feel comfortable.

WALNUT Folding Floor Gaming Sofa Chair Lounger

Sofa gaming Seat Lounge

Sofa gaming Seat Lounge
  • Breathable linen fabric, light texture, wear resistance , soft and comfortable, cool in winter and suitable for four seasons.
  • High-strength cotton filling, which is based on a very comfortable and long deformation, so that the tired body can relax .
  • The backrest can be adjusted in multiple angles , combined with the folding design of the body curve, according to your needs to adjust to the appropriate angle, enjoy the experience of body relaxation.
  • High-strength steel skeleton, thickened steel tube, longer service life, tighten the joints to increase the protection of the buckle design to prevent the sponge from entering the regulator.

CYQ Floor Chair Gaming Seat Lounge Sofa Bed

In conclusion

I hope you are much more informed by now about the features to consider when choosing a new gaming chair. You have learned about the different types of chairs available, as well as the technology and features included with each one.

Now feel free to browse and choose between the different chairs and brands to find the gaming chair that best suits your needs with the best value for money!