The 10 best quality-price gaming chairs of 2021 – Comparison

Just as important as a good gaming computer is a gaming chair to sit on. And even if you are not fond of video games. If you are used to spending many hours a day in front of the computer, it is best that our hindquarters are well covered.

The same for the muscles of the back or neck. Those are the main affected areas in continued poor posture. To avoid this, we recommend a gamer chair that keeps everything in place. Which will mean that the posture of our body will be as correct as possible.

Are you not tired of ending each day with contractures and other pains? Are you unable to spend an evening playing video games with your friends because the next day you will pay? Don’t worry, because from the Very Interesting Bazaar we have prepared this buying guide for the best gaming chairs to play or work from home.

What are the best gaming chairs ?

Silla 'gamer' Songmics.

Silla ‘gamer’ Songmics.

Silla gamer Songmics

That its cheap price does not mislead you. This Songmics gaming chair offers the best features on the market. With an unbeatable value for money, it becomes one of the favorites by users on Amazon.

Available in red and black, the backrest can be reclined to unsuspected limits. If what you are looking for is a true comfort, this Songmics chair is the solution.

Silla 'gaming' GTPlayer.

Silla ‘gaming’ GTPlayer.

Silla gaming GTPlayer

If this GTPlayer model stands out in something, it is in its Bluetooth speakers. That’s right: this chair can connect with our mobile or any other device. The result? An enveloping sound invades us from both sides of the chair.

You can connect the speakers to the computer itself to, in this way, have a completely immersive gaming experience. Something like going to see a movie at the cinema.

Klim esports computer chair.

Computer chair Klim esports

Available in an infinite number of colors: red, white, blue, pink, black … In addition, the materials of this Klim gaming chair are of the best quality. Of course, its price will be somewhat higher, but it ends up being amortized.

In addition, this chair is designed to support large amounts of weight for long periods of time. Its reinforced steel structure, together with its particularly resistant wheels, make this an all-terrain seat.

Chair to play video games DX Racer.

Chair to play video games DX Racer.

DX Racer gaming chair

This DX Racer computer chair will give the feeling of being inside a racing car. Its racing look guarantees the most correct posture possible for the back, neck, and head area.

It is not the most resistant chair on the market, as it only supports up to 100 kilos of weight. In return, we will have a particularly agile model when it comes to moving or adjusting both its inclination and the armrests. The same with the cushions for the lumbar and head areas.

Silla 'gamer' AutoFull.

Silla ‘gamer’ AutoFull.

Silla gamer  AutoFull

If there is something surprising about this AutoFull model, it is because of its appearance. Weren’t you sick of the same boring desk chairs? Well, here you have a daring model with even more daring colors.

It is a clear example that a gaming chair can have the appearance that occurs to us. The customization will never be a problem with these seats. Much less with the AutoFull model that we recommend here.

Silla 'gaming' Diablo X Horn.

Silla ‘gaming’ Diablo X Horn.

Silla gaming Diablo X Horn

Without a doubt, one of the best-known brands in gaming chairs. This Diablo X Horn will be especially robust and resistant, as it supports up to 160 kilos of weight. The synthetic materials of nylon make the lining seat feel really comfortable.

As usual, it can rotate 360º, and its backrest is fully reclining. Although we can also adjust its height, it may not be the most recommended chair for, especially tall people.

IntimaTe WM computer chair.

IntimaTe WM computer chair.

IntimaTe WM computer chair

This may not be the fanciest chair on the market, but the finish of its materials could not be of better quality. An especially resistant leather to cover the seat will give a comfortable finish and, above all, be durable.

We will have it available in gray, blue, and red colors, but what really stands out about this computer chair is its height. If you’ve always been the tallest in the class, don’t worry, because even you can use the headrest.

Diablo X Player video game chair.

Diablo X Player video game chair.

Diablo X Player gaming chair

Another of the Diablo X models. This time the Player is defined by its comfortable and ergonomic cushions. Nothing better for your lumbar or for your neck and head than this gaming chair. Its design will also make the column always remain straight.

Available in red, black, and white colors. We can also choose between three different sizes. So you better make sure which one is the best fit for you based on your weight and height.

Silla 'gamer' Songmics PU.

Silla ‘gamer’ Songmics PU.

Silla gamer Songmics PU

Although at first, this chair does not have the classic look of a gamer, you will be surprised how well it is equipped for it. Whether you play video games or spend the afternoon working in front of the computer, this chair is for you.

It is a particularly agile, light, and adjustable seat in almost all aspects. Of course, it will not be the best option for those large users.

Silla 'gaming' Diablo X One.

Silla ‘gaming’ Diablo X One.

Silla gaming Diablo X One

Lastly, the Diablo X One. This brand is known for offering computer chairs with excellent value for money. And this model that we present here is no exception. Its economic price is surprising for its benefits.

Available in infinite colors: black, white, blue, red, green … Its synthetic materials give it an unbeatable appearance and a resistant appearance. In fact, it is a particularly robust gaming chair.

Guide to buying a gaming chair

If you are already determined to get your computer chair, we recommend that you take a look at this buying guide that we have prepared with you in mind. Positions to make an investment, better to do it with knowledge of the facts.

Why a gamer chair to play video games?

  • Because you will make the minimum effort when you are in front of the computer. Whether you are playing or working, it is important that your body has to move as little as possible. In this way, a chair to play video games will prevent us from adopting bad postures that cause pain. Because yes, the emotion that a screen can provoke will make us move more than recommended.
  • Because you also deserve the best. Video game fans are used to making large investments to give the best to their computer. From graphics cards to processors, modern mice or wireless keyboards … But they should also invest in themselves, in their own health. For this, nothing better than a gaming chair .
  • Because it is difficult to get used to the good . The normal thing to sit in a gamer chair for the first time is not to feel completely comfortable. Don’t worry, because it is normal. After all, it is a rigid seat. And since no one likes to be forced to correct their posture, it will take a few days to get used to it . But trust us, your quality of life will increase exponentially.
  • Because you will prevent avoidable injuries , if you use a chair to play video games. Keeping our whole body in a rigid position will help us not to adopt bad postures. In addition, these chairs have special armrests and, above all, with headrests .

Why a gamer chair to work from home?

If these chairs considered gamers are designed to play video games, why do I also need them to work from home? Well, very simple, because these types of chairs have a series of accessories and amenities that other ergonomic chairs do not have. For example, the headrest, which is something that is not seen in many other chairs and prevents neck pain.

In fact, this type of saddle is also known as racing. Mainly, because its design is inspired by the seats of racing drivers. They are rigid seats that reach the top of the head that force us to maintain a rigid posture. In addition, it prevents us from making certain movements comfortably, because inside a car there can be a lot of bustles.

But, how busy can there be playing a video game? Well, if you have played an exciting game, you will know that the intensity is quite high. As much as we are in front of a screen, the emotions that can come out of it translate into tension and sudden movements. A series of behaviors that do not help at all to maintain a correct posture.

To know which chair to play video games to buy, you must take into account a series of factors. Positions to invest, better to do it with a little knowledge.

  • Quality. The main thing when it comes to getting the best gaming chair is quality. The make of the materials may change depending on the model. It will be related to the price, because, after all, the quality of the materials translates into greater durability .
  • Ergonomics. This is one of the main characteristics that is demanded of this type of chairs. In the end, we want them for the versatility and comfort of their design . Its own shape and contours should help us to adopt the best posture with minimal effort.
  • Comfort. Another indispensable feature in every seat. If we want a good gamer chair, it is to feel comfortable in front of the computer . Like everything, it is a feature that will be reflected in the price.
  • Adjustable. That your chair to play video games can adjust to your dimensions and contours is essential . For this, they have armrests, adjustable height and other extras that will make the seat fit us in the best possible way.
  • Price. Finally, the price, which will be the result of the characteristics that we demand for our gaming chair . The higher the quality of materials , ergonomics , comfort and adjustable options, the higher the price of the model in question.

How long does a gaming chair last ?

Getting a gamer chair means making a significant investment. It is true that it is money that will pay for itself, as in the case of a sleeping mattress. Although any expense in our health will be little, what is expected from this type of seat is that they will last for many years.

As with any other type of product, durability will be related to the make of the materials and, therefore, also to the price. But mainly, we will focus on the lining and padding materials to determine the useful life of this type of seat.

As for the lining, this can be of several types. Of fabric, of leather, of skin synthetic and mesh. The first two are usually the most resistant, especially leather, although they will always be more expensive. The main drawback of fabric chairs is that it is difficult to clean them because dust gets embedded between the fibers.

Regarding synthetic leather, although it looks very similar to leather, its resistance will not be the same at all. With use, it is easy for these materials to dry out and crack, resulting in less durability. The same thing happens with mesh chairs, which although they are breathable and heat resistant, can be a bit more elusive. Therefore, it will cost us a little more to maintain the correct posture that we need.

Details to take into account when buying a gaming chair

Having clear the benefits you are looking for in a computer chair, you may have to pay attention to the different components that these types of seats usually have.

  • Height and weight. Taking into account your dimensions will be essential to choose the best gaming chair for you. You should pay attention to the height of the chair , to be able to support the head and that it does not protrude above. Same with your weight . Although these chairs hold weights between 100 and 150 kilos , it is worth making sure. Especially if you are big and you like to put the chair high.
  • Materials. As we have already said, the make of the materials will determine the quality and durability of your chair . The higher the quality and the resistance, the higher the price. Leather and fabric chairs are usually the most reliable in this regard.
  • Cushions. He thinks that our body must adjust in the best way to the contours of the chair . To do this, you must have certain cushions on the sides and in the lumbar area , which is one of the most compromised when we sit too long.
  • Armrests Ideally when sitting down is that our arms describe an angle of 90º with respect to our body. For this, it is better to have good armrests . Otherwise, we will end up resting our arms on the table, which always results in pain and bad posture.
  • Wheels. Every office chair has wheels to be able to move easily . The case of chairs for playing video games is no exception. It is a great advantage, but it forces you to be careful with scratches on the floor. It may be advisable to have a small mat to protect it.
  • Space. Taking into account that gaming chairs are usually quite bulky, it will be convenient to reserve a good space in our room . In general, the larger these chairs are, the more comfortable they are. You will have to think about it to find a comfort-space ratio that is acceptable to you.

What are the benefits of using a gamer chair ?

If you are still not convinced to get the best computer chair to be you should take a look at the benefits it brings. There may be drawbacks such as price, but these chairs always give much more than they take away.

Maximum comfort

The chairs for playing video games are especially comfortable, there’s no doubt. The thing is that, in addition, it has a series of accessories and features that we will not find in other office chairs. We talk about headrest adjustable cushions for the area lumbar and cervical … Not to mention that most are easily recline, while the armrests can become rotatable.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of these chairs is playing video games, but the truth is that a gamer chair is much more versatile than that. We can also work, study, watch movies or even sleep. That’s right, they are so comfortable seats that you can take a nap without problems.


If you are also fed up with the same boring office chairs, what you need is a gaming chair. Beyond the infinity of models and variants that the market offers, many of these chairs are easily customizable. If what you want is a unique chair, this is the solution.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a gaming chair

Although the wonders of a chair to play video games seem to be beyond doubt, it does not hurt to remember the advantages and disadvantages when buying a gaming chair.


  • Tremendously comfortable .
  • They help correct posture and prevent injury .
  • We gain in productivity and efficiency .


  • High price .
  • They take up more space than other office chairs.

What are the best brands of gaming chairs ?


Probably the brand of choice for professional video game playersSecretlab offers a superior standard of quality and ergonomics. They are usually one of the most expensive on the market, but also one of the best.


This brand is not far behind either. Like Secretlab, it works mostly with high-end models. Its price will be high, but its benefits as well.

Diablo X

There are other mid-range brands that also offer great chairs for playing video games. This is the case of Diablo X, which stands out, above all, in its wide variety of designs and materials.


Another brand that you can go to if what you are looking for is a gaming chair with great value for money. They will not be the best chairs on the market, but the benefits they offer for the money they cost make us take them into account.

Why buy a gamer chair ?

It is true that these types of chairs are designed especially for gamers, whether they are professionals or not. But think that the conditions they face are not so different from anyone else who spends many hours sitting in front of the computer. Therefore, even if you are not a video game fan, gaming chairs can also make your life easier.

In the end, they are seats that are made with ergonomic designs so that they are especially comfortable. Therefore, beyond its label, a gaming chair is not and should not be a product exclusively for gamers. Whatever you do in front of the computer if you spend many hours sitting, these chairs are made for you.

As I have already said, you have a variety to choose from d inferences models, colors, sizes, and materials. You just have to stop a bit to find the gaming chair that best suits you. Its price is high, it is true, but it pays for itself quickly because, after all, we are investing in our own health.